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MuzoAkademy II

A community based, not-for-profit music organisation


About MuzoAkademy II

Developing lives and improving wellbeing through music

MuzoAkademy II brings the benefits of music to any and all people with an interest and appreciation for music, with a particular emphasis on young people, the elderly, those from a lower socioeconomic background, the vulnerable, people with health conditions, people with a disability, neurodivergent people and people with a mental health condition.

Our activities will facilitate 4 particular groups:


1) All people with a disability, neurodivergent people and people with a mental health condition who will benefit from the advantages music can provide.

2) People who have an interest in music but may find it difficult to get access to services for any reason including but not restricted to; financial, geographical, mental or physical.

3) People wishing to learn music or a musical instrument - particularly children and young people.

4) Established and experienced musicians who wish to use their talents and abilities to help others.


The fundamental ethos of MuzoAkademy II is “The Most Well Being for the Most Beings.” It underpins everything we do and intend to do.

Our Projects

We offer a number of different projects to the community including song writing workshops, have-a-go days, band sessions, individual lessons, events, workshops and talks, instrument sales, educational programmes and more.



We feel strongly that anyone who wants to take part in music, should be given the opportunity to do so. We put a strong emphasis on providing support and provisions to any and all that would otherwise feel excluded from taking part in traditional activities.


Community is an essential part of the human existince and we recognise its importance in promoting wellbeing. MuzoAkademy II helps to build new communities and nourish existing ones, by providing resources and musical services that are all designed to strenghten and reinforce positive relationships.


Children from the poorest families are 3 times more likely to not participate in any extra-curricular activities compared to those from wealthier families and just 23% of the workforce in the music and performing arts sub-sectors are from working class backgrounds (Social Mobility Commission).


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